US Pork and Beef Export

US Pork and Beef Export declined in April

24 June 2013

US Pork and Beef Export declined in April. Russia ban on US beef and pork meat, which result from Russia’s policy against beta against use, has cost the U.S. industry about 155 million in pork and beef value so far this year.

On the other hand Honk Kong and Taiwan continue to increase imports from the US beef and also Japan has become No 1 market for US beef the first time since 2003. However for the first quarter exports were up 2% in value at 1,75 billion, despite 5% volume decrease to 343,00 metric tons. US pork exports declined to 174,073 metric tons which is 5% for the first quarter, as well as value dropping 7% at 475.1 million. In general port exports fell 10% compared with the same period last year.