Shippers Export Declaration (SED)

Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) or Form 7525-V

Shipper Export Declaration is important document mandatory for all exported goods valued over $2500. Information regarding export license requirements and SED filling can be obtain from the US census Bureau for shipping goods requiring export license or license exception, or exporting single commodities more than $2500 in value. Export Declaration should be filled electronically at AES Direct. All the information listed on shipper export declaration will be submitted to the US Census Bureau for statistical and government purposes. SED can be filed personally or by international freight forwarder on shipper’s behalf. If freight forwarder is asked to file Shipper Export Declaration on shipper’s behalf the shipper must provide the forwarder with export power of attorney.

SED Mandatory Information

Shipper Export Declaration must be filed with US customs prior to vessel cut-off date. K&K Global LLC requires shipper export declaration along with other shipping documentation to be provided by the time of cargo loading. Shipper is completely responsible for any incorrect information or omissions. In case of cargo detentions or delays because of misrepresent information; applicable surcharges will be forwarded to the shipper.

Shipper's Export Declaration Sample.

Shipper's Export Declaration Sample