Shipping Export Documents

Shipping Export Documents

Shipping export documentsShipping export documents will provide you with beneficial information for the documents used in the shipping industry and our company shipping process. All the shipments import and export from the USA must be supported with proper freight documentation.

Packing List

packing list

is one of the basic shipping export documents, providing accurate information for the cargo dimensions, container, seal and loading location. You may obtain more detailed information on the following link.

Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice

will give detailed information for the cargo values as well for the actual seller and buyer of the goods.

Bill of Lading

Bill of lading

BOL is the major shipping export document and agreement between the carrier and the shipper or consignee. For more about the B/L you may visit this link.

Export Power of Attorney

Export power of attorney

is written authorization from shipper or buyer to the freight forwarder to file customs documentation on his behalf.

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of origin

is document declaring the true origin of the goods. If customer requires we can assist in validating the certificate with US Chamber of Commerce.

Shipper Export declaration

Shipper export declaration

is declaration from the shipper with shipping date, proper commodity classification, shipping company, intermediary and ultimate consignee.

Dock Receipt

Dock receipt

is shipping document certifying receipt of goods from freight forwarder for further consolidation or international transportation.