Break Bulk Cargo

Break Bulk Cargo

Break Bulk CargoBreak bulk cargo is general cargo non containerized and usually ship as individual pieces because of its over dimensional size and weight (farm machinery, mining equipment, windmills, transformers , oil field equipment, ore, timber, steel, yachts etc. ) Break bulk shipments also can be refer for unitized - non containerized pallets, bundles, bags, barrels, unpacked vehicles, boats and other commodities.

Even though most of the sea shipments in nowadays are containerized, which follow reduction of shipping cost, minimizing the possibility of lost and theft, some cargo still needs to be shipped as a break bulk. Oversized and heavyweight equipment which cannot fit in to ocean container has to be considered break bulk cargo. Break bulk freight transportation is still playing an important part in international trade and will remain extremely important in the future. Some products might be suitable for ocean containers, however because of the product weight and sheer shipments can be more efficient and cost affective to be moved break bulk.

Generally, cargo handling equipment for break bulk loading and unloading can comprises only basic equipment such as cranes and forklift. Often rail is not preferred method of transporting break bulk cargo due to double handling required at some stage in the moving. If the break bulk cargo is weather sensitive some ports may lack cargo storage facilities after unloading the break bulk cargo from the vessel.

Break bulk shipments are recognized as highly valuable products, which plays critical part in big infrastructure projects around the world. Demand for break bulk vessel space for big construction projects, equipment and machinery transportation has been strengthening across North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa.

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