Ocean Freight Container Shipping

International Container Shipping. Ocean Freight Transportation.

Ocean freight international container shippingK&K GLOBAL LLC provides full set of multi-modal transportation services in ocean freight international container shipping, ro ro transportation, break-bulk shipping, warehousing, distribution, inter-modal truck transportation, rail and ocean international container shipping, cargo insurance, containers sale. Ocean freight transportation is major part of our business and we are always ready to assist our customers in all kind of the ocean freight shipping quotes. Ocean transportation is complicated process and involves different agents and parties.

Full Container Load Shipping - FCL

FCL full container load international container shipping

is shipping whole container load from one place to another in ocean container and involves one exporter and one consignee. The process involves pre carriage of sea container from the depot container yard, loading at shipper location, returning back the container to the pier and further international shipping to nominated destination.

Methods of FCL ocean container shipping

  • Live Load
  • Drop and Pick
  • Warehouse - Terminal Loading
  • Port Delivery - Ocean Freight Only

FCL ocean freight transportation

  • Door to Door transportation
  • Door to Port transportation
  • Port to Port transportation
  • Port to Door transportation

Less Than a Container Load Container Shipping – LCL


is the most convenient and cheap way of international transportation for small and medium ocean shipments. For customers with less than a container load, LCL ocean transportation provides them all the benefits of full international shipping at fraction of the shipping cost and at the same time the same shipping frequency and service.

RO-RO (Roll-on / Roll - off)

Ro Ro

is ocean international shipping for cargo on wheels - cars, trailers, trucks, tractors and other wheeled equipment not requiring crane loading and unloading operations.

Break Bulk Cargo

Break bulk

is over sized, overweight and over dimensional cargo ship in individual pieces (drilling equipment, yachts, transformers, machinery, ore and other over dimensional cargo not fitting in ocean container)

Auto Ocean Transportation

Auto ocean transportation

we offer Ro-Ro and containerized car shipping. We provide full service starting with proper documentation vehicle validation, loading, blocking, bracing and safely delivery to designated destination overseas.

Boat and Yachts Shipping

boat and yachts

Boat and Yacht Ocean Freight International Transportation: Ro – Ro (Roll-on Roll off); Containerized Boat Transportation; Float-on float-off; Lift-on lift off; Deck Cargo; Inland Boat Transportation.

Household Goods and Personal Affects

Household Goods international container shipping

we can provide for our customers complete door to door, containerized and less than a container, ocean freight services. Shipper will be guided through the whole process for its personal belonging international shipping process.

Ocean Freight Insurance

Ocean Freight Insurance

we offer full range of sea freight insurance coverage. We provide quick and easy multi-modal freight insurance. We can insure your freight for a partial (ocean, rail and truck) or the whole transportation.

  • All Risk Cargo Insurance
  • Total Loss Cargo Insurance
  • Standard Cargo Insurance

Ocean Freight Consolidation


we offer warehouse sea freight consolidation and safely and securely can crate, box, parallelize your consolidated cargo.

Container Sizes

Container sizes

are different in size, capacity and specifications. Based on customer needs we offer full range of ocean freight containers 20’ DV, 40’ DV and 40’ HC 45’ HC, Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack, Platform, Tank Containers.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

Hazardous materials
  • IMO Class – International Maritime Organization hazardous materials class.
  • Packing Group – specify the level of protective material required during ocean transportation.
  • UN Number United Nations Number. This is internationally recognized number assigned to a specific class or material of dangerous cargo.
  • Flash Point - temperature at which the material can be ignited or vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air.

Shipper Owned Containers – SOC. Container Sale

Container sale

If needed we offer shipper owned container service - supply the containers, arranges surveying, repairing, insuring the cargo, painting and transporting the containers to the port of export or desired international destination. The sea container will be inspected and surveyed to assure you are purchasing not only storage container but also a Cargo Worthy, Export Good ocean container.

Documents Required in Ocean International Shipping

shipping Documents

We will advise on all the documentation required for your ocean freight international shipping. Customer is completely responsible for providing the required shipping documentation.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Shipping Export Declaration
  • Bill of Lading
  • Dock Receipt
  • Certificate of Origin

Ocean Import to USA

Import to USA

K&K Global provides full ocean freight service for the cargo imported in the USA. We can manifest your cargo with the USA customs and arrange bonded warehousing and customs clearance for the freight.

Ocean Export from USA

Export from USA

We will provide complete and excellent export service for cargo shipments from USA. K&K Global will monitor closely every step of the export cargo shipment to ensure on time delivery.