Shipping to Europe

Containerized Multimodal Transportation to Europe

Europe is one of popular destinations we provide ocean freight forwarding freight and intermodal transportation services. We have well established freight services all around the EU. Some of the most popular European destinations are as follow:

  1. Finland is adjacent to Russia and it is really convenient transshipment location for further cargo transportation to Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We provide competitive ocean freight rates and top logistics service to:
  2. Germany is major transshipment and final destination point in EU commerce. We can deliver any size of cargo in Germany at most competitive ocean rates.
  3. France is part of the main import export international trade destinations in EU. We can beat any ones rates for ocean transportation to France:
  4. Netherlands:
  5. Belgium:
  6. Great Britain:
  7. Italy:
  8. Greece:
  9. Bulgaria:
  10. Croatia:
  11. Containerized Multimodal Transportation to Baltic Countries.
    We offer freight forwarding services from USA to the following ports and destinations in Baltic region: