Clilent Tools

Clilent Tools

Clilent Tools transportationClient Tools is specially design to provide helpful information to our customers about customs codes, ocean transportation terms and useful shipping calculators. Customer will obtain valuable information what kind how to properly classify his cargo as well how to calculate dimensional against actual weight for the air freight shipments.

Container Sizes

Container Sizes

will provide you with detailed information for the ocean containers in the shipping industry.

Air Freight Calculator

Air freight calculator

will give you an idea how to calculate dimensional and actual weight for the air fright shipment.

Conversion Calculator

Conversion calculator

will help you quickly convert measurements from metric system to pounds, feet and inches.

Incoterms 2000


is international shipping set of rules for merchandise and risk transfer from seller to the buyer in the shipping process.

Custom Codes

Custom codes

are harmonized tariffs schedules in the international trade for proper commodity classifications, customs duties and taxation.

Container Weight Limitation

Container weight limitations

will provide you useful information for legal weight limitations in different states and weight permits if required.